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3D modeling / Photorealism

The computer aided 3D representation of objects, buildings, environments and furthermore of any conception and idea is nowadays an essential part of any architectural project, art proposal and object design. With the use of highly specialized software that simulate volumes, lighting, materials and textures, seen from different angles and prospective, the optimal photorealistic representation and rendering of any project is finally achieved.

Computer aided 3D modeling provides new possibilities for “realizing” any idea and project, with fine outcome, while remaining highly reliable, transportable and at the same time financially sound proposition. It creates an atmosphere, a concept and a really tangible outcome, while it can be corrected and expanded endlessly, while remaining effective, persuasive and highly transportable. It is really a real medium for expression and representation, setting a predefined effective atmosphere to display defined project.

3D modeling is effectively projecting the idea behind any project, while remaining keen in illustrating any possible detail.


Alexandros (Alex) Georgakopoulos was born and brought up in Athens, Greece. He has graduated from the Faculty of Architects and Mechanics of the University of Patras Greece. Since early on into his architecture studies Alex got acquainted into the field of virtual design, digital imaging photorealism and graphical computer aided representation of “reality”, either physically real or as a result of creative imagination and product of pure design.

Conceptualizing the advantages and the endless possibilities of digital design, he committed to explore the field of 3D modeling and Graphic Design as means of representing objects, environments and expressing artistic ideas and innovation. Extensive physical and remote courses and seminars, coupled with the strong background of the Architectural education and continuous practice, experimentation and innovation have expanded his understanding and technical abilities in the field.

Initial on the job training at the Lykourgos Polychronopoulos design office, many cooperation and Architect’s consortium submission into national and international architectural contests in a variety of different projects have enriched his experience and shaped the deep understanding of the demands and the expanding borders of the field. Finally all these were cemented into one final scope: becoming the 3Dimentor.

The purpose of the 3Dimentor is the delivery utmost final product quality in all aspects, technical, artistic always with fine esthetics, delivering photorealistic and graphical products in line with needs and the demands of the clients / partners, always investigating and expanding the endless capabilities in digital image genesis.


B.M. Architecture and Design
Charalambos Chioumbris & Marina Matiatou

Andreas Orpheas Makos
Interaction and UX Design Engineer

Lycourgos V. Polychronopoulos Technical Office